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We are Discalced Carmelite Nuns who have been in the Diocese of Erie since 1957.

Because we do not have the visibility of an active apostolate, people are not always aware of our presence.

Our ministry in and for the Church is prayer: that which the Second Vatican Council calls "an exceptional sacrifice of praise...hidden apostolic fruitfulness."

In that silent presence, we enter deeply into the concerns of the Church, the Diocese of Erie, praying constantly for all its needs and intentions, for our bishop, priests, sisters, and lay people.

Because we keep enclosure, little is known of our life "inside." On this website, we hope to show you a glimpse of our vocation and our way of life.

Please join us for
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Every morning at 8 a.m.
at Carmel Monastery Chapel
510 E. Gore Road, Erie


Loved the pictures! Especially enjoyed “Outer Space” for solitude and prayer and also the hermitage for retreat. God reward you for sharing!


Love your picture of Mother Maureen, and the enormous "host" (sun) over her! That circle is Mary's signature whether large or  small and the green symbolizes hope. How the Blessed Mother must have loved this precious daughter of hers. Despite living in a cloister she retained a sense of humor. What a joyful radiant, insightful and meditative soul she was. You've captured her very essence such a powerhouse of prayer. Thank you!


I have always said that Carmel is a little bit on Heaven on Earth for me!  I am so happy that others will now see and experience this for themselves. God Bless You All. I Thank God for having all of you in my Life!

Kathi M.

Beautiful Sisters!!! Your Monastery is so beautiful and well cared for. Many prayers for your wellbeing and for vocations.

In Christ's Love,
Cory Lunn
Nova Scotia Canada

Dear Sisters,
Love your slide show! I appreciate it’s intimacy -- and yet prayerfulness. Hope you are getting vocations. I was a Carmelite postulant in an active Community some years ago and so Carmel is close to my heart. Thanks for sharing yourselves with the world.

Dear Sisters:
I was a Seminarian at St. Mark's in the 70's, and I, along with a few classmates were given permission to assist the Sisters behind the Cloister. I spent many a long hour in the Chapel and attended Mass at the Cloister. What a wonderful and spiritually uplifting experience! My prayers are with all of you...I ask the same.

My vocation has changed dramatically since then. I have become Byzantine Catholic and was recently Tonsured an Ideorhythmic Monk in the Eastern Church. Ordained a Deacon in 2005, my life has been truly blessed by God!  The website is WONDERFUL! 

Sr. Maureen, this website is lovely, especially your picture with Mother Emmanuel and the one behind the grill. Your Carmelite habit is stunningly beautiful (more pictures).  I deeply felt a special presence prompting me to reply. You appear so pleasantly happy. God Bless You! Thank you Sisters, for the prayers being offered for the world!

Slan agat,
Good Health to You,

Bless you, sisters, and all who experience the spirit of the Carmelite Monastery here in Erie. How blessed our family has been to take part in the Masses in the sanctuary of your monastery and all of the other spiritual offerings.


The Photo Gallery for the Carmelites is wonderful.  I have always wanted to see what it was like inside and their big yard! It is amazing that they have this webpage!


Hello Sisters! We love the website. The pictures are beautiful! Who does your landscaping? They do a great job (ha-ha)! We truly enjoyed looking through the website. Hopefully a lot more people will enjoy it also.  : )

God Bless all of you,
Brian Jud and Family

Dear Mother Emanuel and Sisters of Carmel

What a wonderful website!!!  I enjoyed all of the pictures and the history behind how the Carmelite Monastery in Erie was started! I must tell you that a number of people have asked me about 'what the nuns do all day' and I'm thrilled that you have a page dedicated to your life in Carmel! I intend on forwarding this website to a number of my friends and they too can learn all about our Erie sisters of Carmel.

It is a wonderful website and one to be proud of...I will definitely pass 'it' on. God bless each and every one of you for all your devotion to our Lord and sincere dedication to all who ask for prayers...your lives are a wonderful example of what a faith-filled life should be.

Mary 'Lou'

This is the loveliest website and slideshow of our precious Sisters! Thank you for this gift to us here in "outer space."