As Christians, our faith shapes our attitudes toward sickness and death. Support for the legalization of Physician Assisted Suicide is a growing trend across the United States. Our country is steeped in the mindset that life is a disposable commodity; many do not see their lives as a gift from God.

In recent years five states; Oregon, Washington, California, Vermont, Colorado, and the District of Columbia have passed laws that allow for Physician Assisted Suicide. In addition, 17 more states are considering this legislation.

On this website, you will find information about terminal illness; palliative care, the teachings of the Catholic Church on Physician Assisted Suicide; upholding the dignity of the dying and legal documents regarding the end of life directives.

Physican-assisted suicide resources:
What is at stake?
Death by "choice"?
Life matters: To the end of our days
Caring for each other, even unto death
From voluntary to involuntary
FaithLife story: Church pushes for end to
physician-assisted suicide
Other pressing issues and resources:
Threat to improved palliative care
The role of depression
Beyond terminal illness
Living wills and healthcare proxies
Ethical and religious directives
Additional resources:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference
National Catholic Partnership on Disability
Not Dead Yet


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