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The Office of Parish Social Ministry and Respect Life is offering resources for individuals and families for the Lenten season. These resources include weekly Scripture for reflection, service project suggestions and additional resources for assisting families in preparing for Easter. This is a great opportunity for families to find ways to devote time to scripture and service together. Blessings to each of during this holy season of Lent.

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Senate Bill 3 will limit late-term abortions

Would you be surprised to find out that only seven countries allow elective late-term abortions, and in addition to North Korea and China, the U.S. is one of them? Even though survey after survey shows that Americans want to limit late-term abortions, here in Pennsylvania, babies can be aborted until six months gestation. Now is the time to support Senate Bill 3 in the PA state legislature, banning dismemberment abortion and abortions after 20 weeks, when the baby can feel pain and risks to the health of the mother increase significantly. 

Contact your legislators through this PA Catholic Conference link, which will give you a sample email to send as well as connect you to the appropriate elected officials through your zip code. 

Senate Bill 3
The Facts on Dismemberment Abortion
Potential Adverse Medical Consequences of Dismemberment Abotion
Learn more about the Fetal Pain Dismemberment Abortion Ban
10 Ways You Can Make a Difference
10 Ways Your Parish Can Make a Difference
Bulletin insert
Discussion guide
Resources for taking action




Human Rights in the Cradle of Christianity
Facts about Middle-Eastern Christians
Background on the Middle East
Letter to the United Nations
Prayer for peace in Iraq
Humanitarian assistance for Iraq
Birthright Citizenship
Unaccompanied Children
Why don't they come here legally?
Religious worker Visa program
Religious Liberty
Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty
Protecting Conscience
Religious Liberty: The Most Cherished of American Freedoms
Our First, Most Cherished Liberty
Religious Freedom: Prayer and Action
Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan
One Man, One Woman, for Life
Human Trafficking
Background on human trafficking
Faithful Citizenship
Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
October is
Respect Life Month
Respect Life month statement
Solace and strength in the sorrow of miscarriage
Poverty and Abortion: A vicious cycle
Healing within marriage from an abortion
An adoption love story
Children as commodities
Advance medical directives: Planning for your future
Preaching for life
Intercessions for life
HHS mandate
Bishop Persico calls ruling 'a positive step in the right direction'
12 things you should know about the Contraceptive Mandate
Our first, most cherished liberty
Roe v. Wade
Abortion and Catholic social teaching
Life matters: Abortion
Legislator Contact Info
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference



Religious Persecution in the Middle East

Over the past two years, The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has grown dramatically in territorial control and has completely destabilized the countries of Iraq and Syria. While expanding its geographical boundaries, ISIS has killed thousands, forced women and girls into sexual servitude, seized arms and has tried to forcibly convert thousands of Christians.    

Their brutal treatment of civilians has led to the deaths of thousands of Christians in that region. Christians and other religious minorities are under daily threat of violence and displacement. This extremist group with once strong ties to al-Qaeda have taken control of large areas in Iraq and Syria while persecuting Christians and destroying monasteries and churches. ISIS defines their purpose as the desire to establish an Islamic caliphate (state) throughout the Middle East.

This grave humanitarian crisis has forced thousands of Christians to flee their homes, while being robbed of their few personal possessions as they ran. Individuals are no longer able to meet their basic needs and humanitarian organizations have likely little access to these regions. It is essential that all people of conscience pray and advocate for an end to the religious genocide in Iraq.

Please utilize the resources on this webpage to learn more about this crisis and pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

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