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Information that should be updated by the parish for each new event is highlighted in blue.
Information that needs to be filled out by the parent/guardian and youth is highlighted in yellow.

Youth Confidential Release Form
The standard release & consent form used for both parish and diocesan events has been updated and simplified.

  • You can open the attached Word document below and make the appropriate changes in it to suit your parish events after downloading it to your computer.
  • Please keep in mind that if you plan ahead, you can cover several events at the same time on one form. 
  • Please be sure to keep these forms on file and to always have them present with you during programs and events. 
  • You might want to remove sections that are not relevant to your event, such as t-shirt sizes. 
  • These new forms include a space for parents to disallow their children’s photographs/video to be used for promotional purposes. Please follow diocesan child protection policies with use of children’s pictures (especially on the internet).