Navigating your Choices - Classes Available by Appointment

For many couples, scheduling is crazy and distance can
make taking a class together difficult. That is why leaders in the
Diocese of Erie work to offer several options for learning NFP: in
person, online, or a combination.

Schedule an appointment with an instructor (See contact information below in next section, "NFP Instructors and Methods")
Mike & Annette Ahrens, Erie
Andy & Cathy Dornisch, St. Marys
Steve & Monica Dvoranchik, Erie
Kathryn Elenchin, BSN, Coudersport
Barb & Ed Burkett, Meadville
Megan & Jordan Hoover, DuBois
Sheri Lang, DuBois
Paul & Gretchen Lorei, Erie
Brigid Tebaldi, West Middlesex

Why contact an instructor?
  • Postpone pregnancy
  • Achieve pregnancy
  • Learn more about a specific NFP method before taking a class
  • Answer questions about a chart
  • Obtain charts, thermometers, or other resources after taking a class

Consultation for support with suspected infertility, women's health, and nutrition as it impacts women's health: Sheri Lang

NFP Instructors and Methods

NFP teachers are certified in the following methods which are based on the science of the woman’s body.

Couples marked with an * offer an online option, and couples marked with a also text.

Billings Ovulation Method-_ uses mucus signs
Brigid Tebaldi,*ꝉ : ; 724-944-3154  

Creighton Model FertilityCare—uses mucus signs exclusively.
Sheri Lang,*ꝉ DuBois:; (814) 590-7803 

Family of the Americas—uses mucus signs exclusively.
Peter & Mary Burkett,* Meadville, (814) 232-0521

Sympto-Thermal Method—combines two primary signs: mucus and basal body temperature
Diocesan Accreditation 
   Mike & Annette Ahrens, Erie, (814) 392-5271
   Dan & Nelsa Armour, Grove City, (724) 967-4420
   Ed & Barb Burkett, Meadville, (814) 337-7302
   Cathy & Andy Dornisch, St. Marys, * (814) 512-0818
   Paul & Gretchen Lorei, Erie, (814) 881-5121

Couple to Couple League Accreditation
   Steve & Monica Dvoranchik, *

Marquette Model—combines mucus signs and fertility monitor
Kathryn Elenchin, BSN* Coudersport:

Megan & Jordan Hoover,*ꝉ DuBois, (814) 591-7681

Learning NFP: All Your Options

Go Local: Learn from trained and local teachers at an in-person seminar by choosing an option in the section above, "NFP Instructors and Methods".

In-Diocese, online: Sympto-thermal, Marquette, and Creighton Model FertilityCare method NFP is offered online or in hybrid classes by trained teachers who live in the Diocese of Erie. Contact a diocesan teacher or reference the seminar schedule above to find a date and option that works for your schedule. 

National, online: Learn Creighton Model FertilityCare in a distance learning environment from Erin Donley at or Karli Malloy at Learn the sympto-thermal method with Couple to Couple League. Explore live onsite, live online, and self-paced online classes at


Q: There are so many options! How do I choose a method or instructor?
A: Check out all the resources on this page designed to help you begin thinking through choosing a method. Then, call or email Cassondra (814-824-1216) or Cathy (814-512-0818) and they would be happy to talk you through the similarities and differences of each method offered in our diocese to help you find a good fit. 

Q: Life seems so busy, the scheduled classes don't fit my schedule, and I feel awkward asking for evening or Saturday classes. I don't even know if I have time for a class! What should I do?
A: Our teachers who have listed themselves by appointment are happy to work with couples and have listed themselves by appointment on purpose: so that they can be available to those who are unable to make scheduled class times. They are always happy to get a call or text from someone who is interested. Even if they are unable to accomodate your schedule immediately, they will be able to refer you to Cathy, Kate, or another teacher who can work with you to meet your needs. 

Q: If I'm married or engaged, do both of us need to attend?
A: Fertility is shared! Learning about a woman's cycle and a couple's shared fertility is most effective when both are able to attend. However, it is not mandatory.