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Talking with my child (a list of resources:)

Real Advice for Real Talk - a pamphlet put together from real parents’ advice about how to successfully address important topics, including sexuality, with their middle schoolers and teens.

Family Honor: While Family Honor is not a diocesan program, we are fortunate to have Family Honor affiliates working in our diocese. They offer two programs to provide information for those looking to live God’s plan for human sexuality: Real Love & Real Life and Leading & Loving. Real Love & Real Life is a highly interactive program which brings parents and their 7th or 8th grade child together to begin addressing growing to adulthood, chastity, dating and human sexuality in an age-appropriate manner. Leading & Loving is a parents-only program which gives parents the tools to help their kids grow up as children of virtue with a healthy attitude about sex from an early age. To learn about the schedule in the Diocese of Erie, call Kate at 814-824-1261.

Help Fight Pornograpy: Pornography exposure is a significant challenge for all children today, even for those with vigilant parents. This page equips you to help your child form healthy and holy thoughts, actions, and Internet behaviors.

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Vatican document on how to address chastity education. Call the office for a free copy. (814) 824-1216

A Safe Haven Starts at Home: This video addresses some technology concerns that parents may not know to be looking for, in particular internet pornography and cyber bullying. It provides simple and concrete tools for addressing concerns. The video was produced by Covenant Eyes.

YOU: Love, Life, and Theology of the Body: Designed for classroom use with an at-home parent component, this program addresses human sexuality from a Catholic perspective for high schoolers. Lessons and content challenge learners to accept the fullness of the Gospel and help them understand how God’s plan can lead them to true freedom and happiness. This program addresses hot-button topics of the day in a compassionate, real, and relatable manner. If you would like to preview, the Chastity Office has a copy in its lending library that you can borrow for 2 weeks at a time.

Archdiocese of New York’s Family Life: The Archdiocese of New York has assembled several helpful sites and resources for parents and teens. Scroll all the way through for scads of helpful information.

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